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Denver is laid out in a grid with numbered streets running east-west and named streets running north-south. Once you choose an area of the city in which to stay with us at one of our Denver short term rentals, you can easily orient yourself. In addition to the following ways (listed below) to get around the city, biking has become much more popular in recent years and Denver has a big network of trails and bike lanes throughout the city.

Public Transportation:
Denver's Regional Transportation District (Denver RTD) operates buses and light rail throughout the city. The City of Denver is slowly working on a set of improvements to expand the system outside of downtown Denver, though they will not be completed until at least 2019. The RTD light rail efficiently connects downtown Denver to some southeast and south central suburbs. Light rail tickets cost $2.25 to $5 one way.

Pay the same amount as the cheapest rail ticket to travel one-way (with one transfer) on a Denver RTD bus anywhere in the city. Denver's bus system is by far the best way to get around the city on public transport. For all public transport, tickets are purchased with cash at vending machines located in and around bus and train stations.

Denver boasts a large amount of limo-like taxi services; you can call these companies in advance to pick you up and transport you wherever you go. Some such companies in the Denver metro area include Doukaga Enterprises, Maverick Car Service, and Mountain Star Transportation. For regular taxis, Colorado Cab Company, Burns the Taxi Driver, and Freedom Cab can be hailed from curbs.

Although you'll find a lot of traffic in Denver, it's manageable. If you'll be staying in one of our furnished apartments in Denver, you will soon learn that driving is one of the most popular ways to get around - and out of - the city. Parking meters in downtown Denver are free on Sunday. There is very little free parking on weekdays. You must pay if you wish to leave your car at a meter overnight.

If you are planning to leave the city at all during your stay, renting a car makes the most sense. It is not hard to get out of Denver by car. Interstate 25 (I-25), Interstate 70 (I-70), and Interstate 76 (I-76), all feed into the city. I-225 and I-270 also come close to the Denver area, and U.S. Highway 40 connects Denver and Salt Lake City.

The Denver metropolitan area hosts three main airports, though Denver International Airport (DEN) is the largest hub; if you are using Denver as a jumping-off point for a ski trip, it is likely that you will fly into DEN. The airport is about 18 miles from downtown Denver, but there are SkyRide buses that will take you into the city for $9-$12.

Centennial Airport and Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport mostly support private pilots and have long runways to accommodate all the private jets.

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